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The Only Time She Moves
Dr. Arthur Krause
The Only Time She Moves

CatNr: MACDL978
Format: CD

Price: 140 SEK / 15 €

Like the first rays of sunrise glint against the dusky introspection a new album from Dr. Arthur Krause descend into the world of our everyday lives. The Only Time She Moves finds the point of tension between restraint and submission and possesses all the colour and intensity that the name would suggest. Ten strong tracks each build a momentum, working closely with the deep, layered vocals that form the trademark of the band. Tracklist:
01. Loveland 12:12
02. Midnight Rain 3:54
03. Deported Soul II 5:12
04. Death Row 5:24
05. Never Whole 3:41
06. Evelina 5:42
07. Hanna is Safe 5:50
08. We are Doomed 3:59
09. Go on Your Own 3:46
10. Gone Tomorrow 8:55

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos