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Tired and Bizarre
Tired and Bizarre

CatNr: MACDL956
Format: CD

Price: 100 SEK / 12 €

Formed out of the ashes of Children on Stun, a band well-known for its ability to knock senseless, bewilder and shock and truly one of the finest underground acts of the 90's, guitarist and song-writer Simon Manning is now finally back in the music scene with his new project Spares. "Tired and Bizarre" is a remarkable album, a collection of songs that invites the listener to put aside any pre-conceptions that he or she might have and be part of something different! Tracklist:
1 Ordinary Day Ordinary Town 4:36
2 Pretty Fine Timebomb 3:48
3 Seahorses 5:37
4 Three Jewels 4:54
5 The Snail's Rave (Part 1) 5:22
6 Dolly Rocker 4:30
7 Heaven With A Gun 5:58
8 Undefeated 4:55
9 Chicken Legs 5:32
10 Driller Killer 5:06
11 The End of The Line 1:53

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