"We know what's goth for you"

The high selling digital album "Still Confused but on a Higher Level" is now available on CD

The album "Still Confused..." from Medicine Rain, released digitally on the 1st January 2014, is now also available on CD. Order it from our web shop.

Following the debut-CD "Native" in 1995 things went great for this experienced band, formed in 1989. Great reviews, festival performances and a new record deal with a bigger label with full international distribution was signed. But just when things went smooth, they took a turn for the worse. So bad indeed that not only was the new album never released but eventually the band stopped playing and pursued other careers, some in music and some elsewhere. However "Still Confused but on a Higher Level" is far too good to stay on a master tape, hidden from humanity. So we are extremely proud and pleased to present this album to you, fans and new listeners a like. Recorded in 1996 it’s timeless in it’s sound, rock’n’roll, energy and a very tongue-in-cheek gothic which has made the band so appreciated everywhere.

01. Spinning 3:30
02. No More 3:53
03. Obsidian 3:38
04. New Religion 3:46
05. Enter The Vail 4:02
06. Move On 4:49
07. Let It Ride 3:05
08. Real Time 4:15
09. Tango 3:01
10. Stay 3:38
11. Pumping Like a Gun 4:38
12. Albino Flogged in Black 6:59

Background angel photo copyright by Per-Åke Wärn at Monokrom Photos